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Gobs and Gobs of Free Stuff, written by Matthew Lesko, contains hundreds of pages of information on where to get free stuff. You may not know how easy it is to get everything from legal help to coookbooks to overseas vacations, all for free, but Matthew Lesko does! He is an authority on free stuff, and this book is a compilation of many of his best findings.

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  • Free Birthday Cards from the White House
  • Free Report on How to Beat a Speeding Ticket
  • Free Free Help Protecting Your Invention
  • Free Baby Books for Pregnant Mothers
  • Free Legal Help to Get Family Leave
  • Free Help in Getting a Better Job
  • Free Help in Getting Money for Your Business
  • Free Consultants to Work for Your Business
  • $3,000 to Design a Stamp
  • Free Books on Understanding the Weather
  • Free Job Hunting Guides
  • $100,000 to Sell Your Product Overseas
  • Free Report on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • 10 Fastest Growing Occupations
  • Free Report on How to Test Your Drinking Water
  • Free Art Exhibits For Your School, Church or Community Group
  • Free Help to Fight Your Cable Company
  • Free Cookbooks
  • Free Services to Check Your Cholesterol
  • Free Videos on Dieting
  • Free Money for Vets to Go To College
  • Free Zit Information Clearinghouse
  • Free Help with Science Fair Projects
  • Free Help for Public Speakers
  • Free Money to Study Overseas
  • Free Engineering Degree
  • Free Scholarships and Internships
  • Free Gardening Hotline
  • Free Plant Books
  • Free Exercising Video
  • Free Help for Travelers
  • Free Eye Care
  • Information on Getting WW II Memorabilia
  • Free Job Help for People Over 55
  • Free Help for Handicapped and Gifted Children
  • Free Mental Health Counseling
  • Free Books on Drug and Alcohol Problems
  • Free Help to Stop Smoking
  • Free Help in Fighting Health Spas
  • Free Research for Help with Disabilities
  • Free Directory for Women's Health Problems
  • Free Photos of the First Family
  • Free Christmas Trees
  • Free Help with a Mortgage
  • Free Credit Repair
  • Free Posters to Decorate Your Room
  • Information on Getting Aerial Photos of Your Neighborhood
  • Free Coloring Books
  • Free Teaching Aids
  • Free Moon Rocks on Loan from NASA
  • Free Solar System Puzzle Kit
  • Free Help Finding a Millionaire
  • Free Condoms
  • How to Get the Ne sites . PDF Format

Free Stuff - Free Money - Free Stuff For Busy Moms
Free Stuff For Women
- Free Stuff For Pet Lovers

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Free Stuff - Free Money - Free Stuff For Busy Moms
Free Stuff For Women
- Free Stuff For Pet Lovers